Day 18... and back in North America

Well, we're here. Flew into Tulsa international last night, and was up 26 straight hours until a fantastic sleep last night. We're going to hang around here for a few weeks, Shorty gets some family time, and we're going to help out with some manual labour that her folks need some help with.

After this, we are driving northwest to Vancouver. Currently we're planning our trip and have plans to hit certain spots on the way like Vegas (briefly), Grand Canyon (been to AZ 3 times, never the GC), San Fransisco (never been, and it's pretty much on the way), also the Oregon coast for sure.

On another note, my longest beard ever is happily on day 18. It's almost like a fleet of 1/2 inch long wires protruding from my face and neck. They grow in their own ways, I have cowlicks all over my body, including 5 on my head which completely confuse the hairs... so they appear as a wave of little black and red wires angled and flowing wildly all over the beardage area, it's sexy, I know.

Here's some recent pictures of our last few days in Holland=

Cousins Jess and Dan on the 2nd to last night before we left. We had some delicious mexican food, and then went on to play some pool, and just hang out some with eachother

Neat picture I took in Rotterdam as the huge bridge went up to allow a cruise ship or something through. But, we though it looked like the end of the world... I know, crazy

Shorty dominating

Shorty and I sitting in the back seat of Jess's car, about to get from our house downtown in 4.7 seconds flat... she can drive her little car like no other... no offence mom, it's probably just that you can't drive as crazy in Canada. Beard day 13

Someone trying to take me off my game during a shot...

Shorty, mayyyyybe a little tipsy (or straight up drunk). Posing in front of the apartment... crazy wife

Game time...


Anonymous said...

I likey the beard!

Leon 44 said...

OK, new rule on my blog. You can't just leave a comment with now name attached!!
It's my blog and I'll madke rules whenever and about whatever I choose!!!!
Thanks though...

Anonymous said...

Oh, yes I can! Okay, fine. It's your sister.