Bitter-sweet... nah just bitter

We're just about to head out and watch the game I should be starting. We lost out to Amsterdam who plays Kinheim tonight in Haarlem, Netherlands for the Holland Series opener.
We're living out our time in Rotterdam right now, and finding stuff to do. We've seen every single movie in the theatre, except for the dutch ones. We are boggle champs and have some heavyweight battles behind the boggle shaker, also scrabble... holy crap, we should tryout for the world championships. Those are also battles.

Time to see if the rain holds off long enough for a whole game.
If not... scrabble might be busted out later.


Anonymous said...

Did you see "Burn After Reading"? I'm still laughing; it was so odd and witty and, well, coen-ish.

Love, sis.

Anonymous said...

Make some babies !!!!!