ESPN article

A nice little article about us and our upset by ESPN.

Check it out here.


Anonymous said...

Nice job on Hanley and good luck in the next round.


theoddbod said...

I just saw the game today, I can't believe you won again, unreal!!!!! youre the man

ACook said...

Great comeback from the puerto rico disappointment man, you held your cool and closed the inning for your offense to strike back.

Can't wait for the miami game, looking forward to your report of tonights DR rematch, if you thought you were mobbed before...

This will do good things for baseball back home.

Bjoern said...

Wow man, you guys really did it! Congratulations!
How does it feel to be the winning pitcher of the greatest upset in WBC history?

Jessica said...

Hmmm...and I thought I missed a great game on Saturday! Damn! Bummer that I had to work today, because now I missed an even greater game!
Congrats guys!! WOW!!!


jeanplu1981 said...

Cogratulations!! Masha pabien!! Gefelliciteerd!!
I guess those are the 3 languages spoken in the dugout:D
I was born in Curacao and currently live in the Netherlands.
Can't believe what you guys pulled off last night. Beating the Dominican Republic not once but TWICE.
It was the best game I've seen in my whole life, I was watching with some friends. In the final 3 innings we were jumping around and nobody was sitting anymore, the pressure was just too much and. What an end to an amazing game.
Now getting a chance to face another big baseball nation like the USA or Venezuela after beating the biggest favourite 2 times.
I hope this will do something to the people over here in Holland and they realize what you guys have achieved and hopefully baseball gains some popularity over here.
congratz again and keep the good work, you've got a win and a save already leon, what's next? mvp? :D

Jean-Pierre Montauban

Boudewijn Van Hebscheuten said...

I went to the Canada - US game on Saturday at the Skydome.

The scores on the Holland - Dononican game were flashing by. Once you came on the board with a score we were cheering, even when it was quiet in the Canada game. Canada lost, which was a drag, but holland won, and it made my day still.

Last nights game was tantilizing. My Canadian Kids were decked out in their Dutch (soccer) jerseys cheering you guys on. I was a nailbiter, but a game, people in the office were talking off too. Great work, keep it up.

Pat Lackey said...

Hi, Leon --

I'm a writer for FanHouse (www.FanHouse.com) and was curious if you'd be willing to talk to me a bit about your blog and the WBC for a piece at FanHouse. I couldn't find an e-mail address on your site, so I thought leaving a comment would be the best way to get in contact with you.

If you're interested, please send me an e-mail at WHYGAVS@gmail.com.