Being a Blue Jay

Almost through one week of spring training camp here in Dunedin, and it's everything I was expecting it would be. Fun, and work. Baseball is a game, but you need to work to be good at it. Luckily I'm one of the guys who loves this game, I am an allround fan, I love watching, playing, meeting big leaguers, everything when it comes to baseball. Over the next few days, weeks and months I'm going to get into that more, as I will have a lot more time then right now to fill you in on my thoughts, vents, ideas and anything else that comes to mind.
Be ready to read.


Jessica said...

Hey neef,

We will miss you and Jeana!
I presume that you will be coming back to Holland to pick up your stuff, or will it be shipped??? Let us know, if and when you will be here.
And who knows...maybe one day...we will see each other in Toronto (we are not gonna wait 18 years again!!).

Dikke knuffel, je nicht

Anonymous said...

Dear Leon,

Make the best of it and a lot of succes at the Blue Jay's.


Dick van der Noordt
Trainer DOOR Neptunus

Anonymous said...

Hey Leon,
This is great. What a great experience happening to you...you deserve it!
Make sure you share this with us through you're blog!
I can't wait to


Tom said...

Hey General,
having fun with the Blue Jays? any room for a relief pitcher who throws 90 miles (if you add the speed of 2 pitches) ;)

good luck,