Ramdom minors notes...

I had another outing today. Since some pitchers have recently been demoted from major league camp to triple A and were due to pitch today, me and 2 other double A roster pitchers threw for the high A squad at home against the Pirates high A team.

I went the 6th and 7th and was able to face the minimum, with 3 grounders, a strikeout, and 2 fly outs. I think we won, but I don't really know, they don't use the scoreboard for these spring training games. Arm feels good, weather is great and that definetely helps with that.

Several top prospects and triple A guys get to go play with the big league club every day. I did not know they did this before the past couple weeks, but every morning on the 'board' they put about 8-10 names of position players and pitchers who are to attend the major league spring training game. Most position players get into the games and have an at bat or two, but pitchers are sent as backups, and rarely get into the game. No, I haven't seen my name on the board yet, and I don't expect to since I'm just a rookie.

Alright, time to put my 13$ a day meal money to use and get something delicious.

Til' next time.


LJ said...

This is cool. Thanks for posting your insights. I've always wondered how it works in the minors.

European player said...

Hey Leon,

Thanks for these notes. It is so interesting to see what happens in the minors and during spring training!

A european player...

Anonymous said...

Hello Leon

Watched all your games in WBC. Great job! I work at Mariners Training camp and told Gerg Halmann to say hello to you as he left for the classic. best of luck with the Blue Jays. I will be following your year.

Dave Roessler ( David Dad Atlantic Armstrong)