It's about that time

Sorry about the break from posts, but we have been staying in a disgustingly expensive internet hotel in Florida. But now are in Puerto Rico!!
Free internet in the lounge here, so I'll try and update this once a day if possible.

Here's what you've missed. We were put up in the Hyatt Regency hotel in Sarasota, Florida for the past few days while we played out exhibition games against 3 major league ball teams. They were good, but we matched them and played up to if not the same level. Okay, we did lose 3 games, but we never got dominated or beaten to a pulp by any means.

Game one the host Pirates took us out 5-4, we had twice as many hits as they had, but came out on the short end of a close game against the top team right now in the Grapefruit league.

In game two, we played the Cincinatti Reds, lost 4-3. It was a close one where Rick VanDenHurk made is dutch team debut and threw well, but we lost in extra's to a strong lineup.

Now, I was scheduled to close the first game, and when if came down to it, I couldn't get into the game because of the loss and not playing the bottom of the 9th. So instead I threw a pretty solid bullpen (solid = 50 pitches or so). I was scheduled to close also the last game against the Minnesota Twins, so I got my good bullpen in to ensure I'd be ready to go against the Twins. On a sidenote, my arm feels absolutely amazing down here. The sun and heat really helps warm up a pitchers arm, and an athletes body a whole lot quicker than Vancouver, or Holland weather can around this time of the year.

Game 3, we had another close loss, this time to the Twins. They are a very good young team, and will be fighting for a playoff spot in the AL central this year with the lineup they showed yesterday (a lineup not even featuring their 2 stars Morneau and Mauer). To make sure I'd get some kind of game work in while we play these exhibition games they put me in for the 8th. I ended up entering the game in the 7th with none out and bases loaded, ended up getting the next three guys out. So overall, I was happy about the outing and the solid games our team is playing.

Tomorrow we play the Dominican Republic, it will be a tough one. I think if our offence throws up a 5 or 6 spot on the scoreboard, our pitchers have the arms to keep them under 5, and maybe lock up a huge upset of a win. That would be great, actually beyond great. We want to stay around longer than just 3 more days down here, so we are gunning for game 1.

Check us out on TV, not sure where and when our afternoon local time game will be televised in your city, but check it out. You might just see the biggest upset of the tournament!


Jessica said...

I'm "kitten-sitting" this week in somebody else's house and they have this UPC digital tv box-thing...Which means I can watch ESPN America! I'm watching the game NL-Dom.Rep. right now, live on TV!! So, lucky me, cause they do not show it on normal Dutch television.
Have fun!

Thomas said...

Great game and some really nice breaking balls from you during your save (and of corse a great caught stealing by your catcher).

Just an awesome job by you guys.

gjt68 said...

He Leon,

Great last inning. Great win over a great team. I was impressed by the solidity of the Dutch team.


Gert-Jan Timmer
(Baseball academy Tsunami The Hague)

PS. Can you say Hi to Berry from Floris his father

Tom said...

Great job General!!!

keep up you Dutchies.


Anonymous said...

Great save!!!!!! Keep that side arm hot!

Anonymous said...


Check it out!
Last pic...

Anonymous said...

and we did my friend...
Right on!!!

Ronald said...

Woke up early to see the game here in Las Vegas. Congratulations on winning! ESPN showed shocked DR fans after the last K. You have an excellent catcher. Can you see yourself as a closer? Good luck on your next game against Puerto Rico and go after Pudge..... You brought a smile to a former Pioneers player..

Anonymous said...

Damn... get this blog updated already with a trip report from yesterday, lol!

Steve S

Jess said...

Hey couz,
Unfortunately I could not watch the whole game last night, because I had to go out and make downtown Rotterdam "unsave" ;-)
But when I came home I understood from the news that I had missed a phenomenal game. Congratulations!!!
Today Daniel is here and we watched some parts of the game on the internet...WOW!!
Keep it up!
Jess and Dan