Bring on the loved ones, a new temporary home and some damn good baseball!

Today is march 1st. The day that our guests are being flown in by MLB. The World Baseball Classic that we are participating in is run by Major League Baseball, so it's very well funded, and teams are treated just as MLB teams and players are. Now since today is the official "WBC spring training opening day" that means our guests are coming in to join us. A lot of the guys are bringing in their wives or girlfriends, some are bringing a parent, some (or.... one) is bringing his favorite bartender. They are to join up with us after our move today to Sarasota and the Hyatt or Marriott wherever they have us staying. We (my wife 'Shorty' and I) have been looking forward to this day for a while, the last time we saw nice temperatures was in Jamaica about a year ago for our honeymoon. Today the weather is horrible for the first time since February 17th when we arrived, so it's a good day for our first day off, and only day off. But all week it's been nice and is supposed to stay nice (80 F, 25 C), until we travel to Puerto Rico on the 5th, then it will not be nice, it will be great (85-90 F, 27-31 C).

I have to cut this post short since I need to get packing to make our move a whole 9 miles down the road to Sarasota. We'll be there until the 5th when we are all taking a chartered flight to San Juan, PR. In our next 5 days we'll be suiting up against the Pittsburgh Pirates, Cincinnati Reds, and Minnesota Twins in pre-WBC tests. I think if we are close and competitive in these exhibition games I think we'll be able to put up a fight against the strong pool D in the WBC.

Time to pack, and go get my boatload of new WBC stuff.


Thomas said...

Good luck at the wbc. Do you already now, who will start for the Dutch team against the DomRep?

And do you know, when and how "homefield" will be decided (I mean, who is batting top and who bottom of each inning) since there is no "real" home team?

Hope you guys play'em tough, seems like you landed in the toughest of all four pools.
Will be sitting in front of my TV and rooting for you.

theoddbod said...

enjoy the heat bastardo! too bad griffey isn't on the reds anymore, i think you could K him

Raza at BF (Jasper) said...

Hi Leon,

Just want to let you know that your blog is a good way of keeping track of the Dutch team in the US.
I hope you guys do well at the WBC and I'm looking forward to see you pitch at the World Port tournement this summer.



Anonymous said...

Have fun and don't get burnt! (And don't let mom get burnt.)


Anonymous said...

Dude, are you hurt?
What's up with the 1 IP?

T #38