Ya learn something new every day...

Anal glands.

So I learned all about these in the past couple days. For those of you who knew as much as I did about these a couple days ago here's what I just learned all about. Not to worry, you don't have a gland somewhere you didn't know about, humans don't have anal glands. But I did learn a whole lot about how dogs have them, and what grossness, but necessity it entails to pay attention to them.

Alright, so for those of you who don't know, Shorty was training to be a vet for quite some time so she dealt with all sorts of animals and their problems (90% dogs). Anyways, somehow our conversation led to upkeep and whatnot of hounds. Did you know that dogs have anal glands on either side of the inside of their dog booty-holes, and for some dogs they need to be drained?? I know, f-ing nasty, specially since we watched some youtube video about it yesterday, and the lady explained how much it stinks to do it.

So Shorty just (10 minutes ago) went ahead and drained her dogs (2 schnauzers) butt's. mmmmmm... learning experience, let's leave it at that. Good to know though. Because some dogs will have them get all swollen and they become explosive which is (from what i've heard from Shorty at the vet) one of the most nasty f-ing things in recorded history.

But Deaner, don't go trying to get after this with Roo, Shorty informed me that it's not necessary for all dogs, only certain ones, and they will give you hints (drag their butts more then normal, suddenly sit when they normally wouldn't).

Anyways, thanks the freakin lord we don't have anal glands, that would make for the most awkward doctor's visits.

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