Our wedding gifts

We're losers. We went ahead and got eachothers wedding gifts with one-another, and they are similar. Actually very similar, so similar that, well screw it, let me just tell you they're both Watches. Yea, we got eachother watches... haha. But it's not as rediculous as you might be thinking, actually we thought it was a great idea. Our thoughts= "We're buying eachother something very meaningful (we both love watches), something we know the other will definetely like, and they are not rediculously pricy".

*Pencil for showing actualy sizing, please note the gerth. (Mine's on the right if you hadn't gotten that)

They are Fossil brand, they have been our favorites since we met. I like it specially because of the gerth, and it's sheer coolness. I only say we are losers, because we were so pumped about them, we wore them out of the store.

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