Me on man-manicures

What's the big deal? Yea it may be a girly thing to get done, but I think there are certain instances that a guy can get a manicure.

A. He has a very very very special occasion coming up, and will be photographed a lot and need the phalanges and nails looking top notch.

B. He has fairly nasty nails, and/or cuticles so he just plain ol' needs it done.

C. He is man model or hand model.

My reason would be A..... aaaaand Shorty would say B too, but I disagree, I thought they were more the Rugged - I work 14 hour days in the steel mill - Derek Zoolanders dad and brothers - look. But I'll tell you what, either way I got it done, and I don't even give a care what anyone thinks, because they look f-ing legit.

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dean said...

Man-cures are something every boy should spend money on. Except no buffing. Cuticles pushed back = good. Shiny nails = lady hands.