Oklahoma weather

So, it seems to me that Mr. Inclement weather seems to peak his freezing rainy head through the door when I'm just about to train here. I want to run this morning = pooooooooring rain. Oh, and for some reason it freezes when it hits the ground. I mean... alright, I could run in the rain, but if it turns into a sheet of ice ain't to easy though.

Vancouver (Canada) is about the rainiest city in the world (200 days of rain on average per year), but every time I needed to go out and throw or run, it seemed to be a 3 hour break of rainless overcast. Perfect for me to get my workouts in, I think Canada is just telling me how much it loves me, how nice.

We'll see if it's dry a little later.


dean said...

American Shorty and your country have a little deal going: it keeps you trim, and she allows it to blow in her part of the world.

the Dutch canal skater from way back when said...

Why not try those great new ice-skates you have bought,.. do some speed skating on the country roads in Dewey when they turn into ice.. great work out!