WBC 2009

We (Netherlands national baseball team) have recently been invited to the 2009 World Baseball Classic. It's a very nice honor, and was fairly expected for our team because of our recent success of the world baseball stage -- 2nd in the Intercontinental cup (Taiwan 2006) -- 1st in the European Championships (Barcelona 2007) -- 4th in the Baseball World Championships (Taiwan 2007).

I'm looking forward to in personally, as most of my teammates told me how well treated and professionnal the tournament was run. Including personal rooms for the players, and a 100o$ credit card for 1 week of food instead of hotel food all the time. Not bad, they compared it to the Olympics (which many of them have experienced already).

Expecting I will play in that tournament (no guarentees at this level of baseball, but I'd like to think I've earned it), I am looking forward to competing against major league hitters, and pitchers. We would most likely be placed in the bracket played in San Juan, vs. teams like the Domincan Republic, Panama, and Puerto Rico.

Anyways, It's good news, and my first big thing to look forward to in 2009.

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