Just another day

*Picture not taken today

Yea it snowed today while I did my long-tossing, but you know what, I didn't even give a care. I know that as long as I get warm enough, and have under-armour and a sweater on I'm good to go.

Strange to think about though, the last time I threw a baseball in Oklahoma was in the sophmore (second year) of college, and I blew out my arm that day, pitching, in the snow. Bad thoughts, but a good learning lesson to get as warm as physically possible before picking up a ball for that first throw.

I have kind of a unique throwing program. I don't really need someone to throw with. I have a bucket full of baseballs (plastic piece-of-shit balls I bought when I got here), I find a ballpark, and throw into the backstop, that simple. I back up a few feet after every couple throws, eventually making it to the center field fence for we call long-toss. It strengthens the arm muscles needed to throw harder and also works on throwing mechanics.

Get some running in after (usually stairs, but not today because they are still covered by sheets of ice), and mix in a normal pushup, situp, lunge, and plyometrics program. It all takes about 2- 2 1/2 hours out of the day.

Now I'm showered dressed and I'm going suprise Shorty at work. Maybe, get some Chili's food... mmmmm


dean said...

Two things:

One, can we just talk for a minute about how from now on I am performing a complete revival on the sentence "I don't even give a care"?

Two, I think you should make this a baseball blog -- as though each post is a lesson in pitching, and work each lesson into a personal anectode. (If you need to look up anecdote, I understand.)

Okay, three things.

Three, you're probably the best fiance ever. Surprises? Still? (And by best, I mean rivaled only by my one-day-super-romantic-to-be-husband.)

White Rock "Willy" said...

SNOW???... what the "bleep"...
White Rock has 15C and sun.
While you are out doing your long-toss next, make sure to do a sun dance on the field, including the haie haiechanting,so when the wedding day arrives,it will be sunny and 15C