Today= super sweaty practice, wilderness walk, Olympic outlook

Hi everyone. Well, today was our first complete day in Korea, first practice, first lunch, first team meeting. I did not realize what kind of extreme humidity we were in for today, but holy crap... this place is a freakin sauna, all day.

Tomorrow, we practice an hour later into the day to get a little more accustommed to the heat, and be punished a bit more, and lose 3 more pounds in water. After that we are planning on heading into the city of Chuncheon, it has some stores and stuff to see I guess.

We also had a long meeting tonight about all the going ons and whatnot of the olympics, what to expect, tell press, doping controls, the village, emergencies, all this stuff, very informative, and I can't wait to arrive.

Just a couple pictures from today...

Nature walk, heading up the stairs (already sweating my ass off) with the whole team in our olympic shwag
Couple guys popping pictures at a lookout point, pretty nice, but dirty looking coastlines with garbage all over
Poor Koreans. I mean, poor Korean ladies.
A little scenery across the water from our hotel
I don't really know why, but I figured my sister would like this one, again Dean, I don't know what I was thinking that when I saw these.


dean said...

I like them - they signify the five moods I go through before ten in the morning every day. Loving the pics and updates...

love, MOM said...

If the food in the hotel is not to write home about [sorry you just did ha ha!] the view surely is...that is one nice scenery pic there # 44.
Is it as muggy as Chicago many moons ago? Keep up that water intake, or you may end up looking like those
tall and dried out totem-poles.
Keep the daily news coming, we love it, seeing the Olympics through your eyes.