Olympic roommate

Martijn Meeuwis. How can I explain this guy... He's unique. What you see is what you get, black and white, laid back, genuine. Those are the first words I can come up with.

Martijn or "Tiny" as we like to call him is the catcher for my club team, but has been reinstated with the national team as a outfielder/bullpen catcher. He weights about 165 soaking wet, is made out of wire, and has the best arm of any catcher I've ever played with. He's hitting .340 or so right now, and has thrown out over 50% of baserunners, while leading the league in triples.

Tiny has been my roommate for 2 tournaments, one with Neptunus, and one with the national team. Funny coincedence is that in both of those tournaments I didn't give up a run. We'll see if there's still some magic there! knock on wood...

He just found out wednesday that he will be a Olympian, he was only guy on the maybe list because the team was waiting to find out if Roger Bernadina a Triple A outfeilder with the Washington Nationals (MLB) would be released, he wasn't. He was slated to come to Korea for the exhibition games after which the coach would make a decision as to him coming to the olympics or not. We decided a couple weeks ago to be roommates again since both our current roommates at that time we're cut.

Looking forward to experiencing the olympics with this guy.

Picture was taken about 2 minutes after he got the really good news wednesday. He threw in a celebratory chew and hit the feild.

This is tiny and I at the beginning of the season awards ceremony, he was last years' MVP, and I received the best pitcher crown.

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