Practice day 2

Today was freaking hot, 33 celcius and very very humid.
To see how our water intake was our trainers took our weight before training, and after. I was 95 before, and 94 after, despite drinking over 3+ liters of water. Some guys lost 2 kilo's, some guys gained some. Anyways, even though it was super hot, and I was able to pop a few pictures throughout the practice, and had a couple taken by team staff. Today was a bullpen day, and tomorrow will be light throwing and lots of running, specially since we have 2 practices, including one in the heat of the day. We are looking good, bunt plays went well today, and the new additions to the pitching staff are looking strong and hopefully can help us in the coming games and of course Olympics.

Here's some pictures from practice today.
Cordemans, Van Kampen, and Bergman, catching their breath.

Quite the mountain range in this areaVery nice stadium, but piece of crap feild surface, Dragonflies and Bee's everywherePre-practicePosition players getting their conditioning in.Weigh insNew pitcher Sulbaran, and me, just finished my sit-upsJack Hubbard (former MLB head coach (our 3rd base coach), and our head coach Robert Eenhoorn)Bunt playsBanner on the hotel


Anonymous said...

Has already been decided, who will get the start vs. Chinese Taipeh in your opening gaming of the Olympics?

Leon 44 said...

I might answer this if you had put your name...