Chuncheon, Korea

Tiny and I caught a cab after lunch, and walked around the city for a little bit. Trying to find speakers for our computers, turf shoes, and sunglasses for myself since I seemed to have misplaced mine before we took off from Holland. Anywho, came up empty handed on everything, but got a good face burn, and tried a iced cappucino from McDonald's (not recommended). So we walked some, took a couple pictures, then caught a cab home. Right now tiny's passed out and I'm just passing the time waiting for dinner. Here's some Chuncheon pics=

Sidewalk produce, cute little old ladies posed right after I took the shot
Spice and herb store
The average road side sidewalk, old ladies, not men, selling produce
I'm glad I wasn't with Shorty (wife) walking by this place we would have stood there and gone "awww" at these pups for about 18 minutes, They were so freakin tiny
Old school coke truck and bottles, unique.
They had this stuff everywhere, on every sidewalk, produce everywhere
Old withered fella, again, Dean, you would have followed this guy and taken a 100 pics for some reason, just had that feeling
Saw the city with Tiny, roommate (see earlier blog). This was the busy shopping street including a nike store, McDonalds, and MLB store.
Naner salesman


your daily blogfan said...

gotta love the Coke truck,...I bet they were glass bottles too, not plastic...makes me think that they may be ahead of the West when it comes to preventing global warming, although they are probably not aware of that, and likely running 50 years behind!

Anonymous said...

Such great shots!!