First travel day, Amsterdam -> Korea

We made it. Long journey, but I've been through longer. It was about a 10 and a half hour flight, then we had to wait a good hour for everyone to make it through customs and gather their bags, then on the bus for another 2 hours to Chuncheon. The bus trip included some poker, a crappy driver, and a little napski. Good news is I came second in the poker tourny - doubled up, I didn't puke even though I was car sick for the first time in a looong time, and the nap was a satisfying power nap that's keeping me going right now.

So far what I know about Korea is that this place is friggin muggy, they don't speak chinese, and we have to walk about 10 minutes to get food at a better hotel (every meal while were here except for breakfasts). I am ready to play some baseball. Tomorrow is most likely a bullpen day since we practice our first 4 days here. They are getting us going early too, 10 am practices...whew.

My current dilemma is that my roommate tiny has the only key we get to this crappy room, and you need to plug the key into the wall to get lights and TV in the room. I need a shower, I've taken cold showers before, but never a dark one, I think I might in a minute.

Anywho, it's going to be shower, then off to bed for night one on this wonderful Korean brick bed. Until tomorrow.
Some pics in chronological order=

Everyone saying goodbye and recieving good luck from our families and loved ones
Loek and David pre-flight, giddy as little girlsThis is once we arrived, Percy Isenia (1st base) and 8 of the 9 guys who were on our bus played a little poker tourny the first couple hours on the bus.Our tableMichiel Van Kampen (crazy closer), having a dip, asian style, suprisingly it worked out quite well for himRoel took a shot me passed out, I managed about 6 hours, better then mostView from our hotel window, definetely by far the best part of the hotel, bar none.Waiting to go eat, (L->R Pitching coach Brian Farley, catcher Tjerk Smeets, 7'1" pitcher Loek Van Mil, catcher Sydney de Jong). All wearing different Olympic shirtsSameCouple Neptunus boys, (L->R Eugene Kingsale( centerfield), SS Jeroes Sluijter, Lefty Diego Markwell). Neptunus is my club team in HollandOn the trek to the other hotel to eat, don't mind the dome at the bottom of the pic, I thought I sropped it out, but am too lazy right now to go back and fix itDinner. Our team and staff, and the ladies rowing, and men's cycling were eating also.

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