Koo-ree-han Che-lah-vii-chon (Korean television)

We had a little shoot a bit ago for a few guys by a Korean tv station. They just asked us all one question, very basic. Mine was "How is Korea different then Holland?". Martijn got "What are the problems you are facing in practice right now?" . Naturally we both had the same answer, and it pertained to the weather, dealing with the heat and humidity and whatnot. Diego was asked about what our goal for the Olympics are, and Tjerk, who are biggest rival was. Diego said gold, and Tjerk said Germany, but it's too bad they don't play baseball, which was funny because they just didn't qualify. Anywho, I popped a couple shots for the hell of it during the interviews.

Tjerk just made the comment about the German team, quite funny... obviously

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moi said...

Sure as heck made me laugh, just looking at the photos...hillarious the facial expressions!!!!