Win 5

We kind of sh*t down our own leg this past weekend, and lost 2 close games to a league rival, the Hoofdorp Pioneers. But tonight, we were a different story. I put out my best effort to stop the losing skid, and we won 5-1 vs. the top european team, again. This was my 3rd start against them (Corendon Kinheim) this season due to rainouts, and strange pitching matchups, making this the 3rd time I/we've beat them. I felt good, went 7 innings, 5 hits, 7 k's, 1 unearned run. Overall, solid. Our setup guy gave us a scare in the 8th, getting one out and loading the bases with a hit and 2 walks, but our new aquisition, a 6'8", 260 lb aussie got us out of the jam, and threw a scoreless 9th. Solid.

So I am sitting at 5-0 on the season now, thinking about it, I could be 8-0 if everything had gone right thus far, but no decisions don't help, and neither do missing weekends to fly back to Canada! I don't blame that weekend though, I had a great time doing what I was doing that week.

Anywho, we play the last place team this weekend, so we should beat the living crap out of them, but we will see! Gotta love winning ball games.

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