My highest honor

I've won many tournaments in my day, a few best pitcher awards, some high accolades here and there. But none of this compares to how priveledged I felt to stand up as a best man for my best friend May 10.

Jeana and I travelled from Rotterdam (Netherlands) to White Rock (British Columbia) for about 6 days to have the opportunity to be there when 2 of my best friends got married. To be asked by Kirin to be his best man, and be the legal witness to his marriage was quite the honor.

A little background on myself and the bride + groom.

Bride= Karalea and I have been friends for about 10 years now, we have a very similar past actually. Went to elementary school together, high school also, both played college and university ball for 4 years, and ended up in Holland to play semi-pro over here in at the same time in 2007, we even dated a couple times back in the day. About the best person I could ever want for my best friend to wed.

Groom= Where do I start. This guy and I have what we call traditions, it's been hard to keep them up recently, but one of these days we will get back to some of them, and we will create new ones as well I'm sure. We've been like brothers since we were about 6, playing ball together here and there, just pretty much spending every weekend together growing up together. I look up to him, despite literally having to kind of look down on him (6'6"---> 5'10"). About the best friend a guy could have though, because I know he would do anything for me, and I would do the same for him.

In the past 10 years we have been a very close group, Karalea, Kirin and myself, whenever we get together though it's always a good time, they know how to have fun, even though it's a little different seeing them as a couple and making decisions together now instead of as singles.

It took these two 8 freakin years of being best friends to finally figure out what everyone else could see, but better late then never.

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