The right place at the right time eludes me

I couldn't tell you how many people over the past few years have asked me if I've played in the minors, why I'm not, why I was cut, how high I got in the systems. I often wonder the same thing. There are some players who are at the right place, and play well at the right time to get drafted or signed, I'm just not that guy. I have an offday when here's someone watching, or my velocity is 1-2 MPH to slow at the time. I throw in the 90's when I play a season in the unscouted Belgian competition, and figure out how movement and location are more important at an international level the next year when scouts are looking for hidden treasures throwing in the 90's. I'm not bitter about it, I truly believe that I could succeed at a double A level at my skill level right now. My current resume would look like this= Tall righty with solid location, sidearm thrower with good movement, good slider, and upper 80's fastball.

The problem is I'm getting almost too old to sign. I'm now24, 25 by the end of the summer, and despite a canadian pitcher being signed and sent straight to double A this year at 28, the chances of being signed are deminishing more and more weekly. Maybe I'll just start throwing 95 and get signed for 1/2 a mill, yea, I think I'll do that.

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