Hans Kroon

This guy is an animal.

My trainer at the gym, he used to be about the size of Arnold in his hayday. He was the team trainer on road trips and the Olympics 4 years ago with the Dutch national baseball team, but now focuses mostly on the Dutch Judo Olymians. He has us doing some crazy stuff in the gym. He normally keeps the workouts from 1-1:30 hours, and just kills us in that time. Not too much downtime, and if you are his only client at the time, you are hurting. It's all good though, he brings in new and unique exercises, which is always good (keeps the body guessing, instead of the same ol' same ol' every time at the gym).

He does his personal training with the Judo athletes, and baseball players from about 1-4, then it's Hans time. He gets after it at the gym, has his own workouts, with Shakes, and protein mixes left and right.

Hans was crutial in getting me back from my injury last season, and has done well so far keeping me healthy, and fit while building endurance and power every week.

I'm telling you, this guys a freakin animal.

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