Red Sox potential

I am by no means going to put all my eggs in a basket on this one.

I have been told before I have what it takes, and if I succeed this season I'm in the top ten rounds, and I have major league potential, so I am not taking this as serious as I want to. It's quite confidential, but my national team pitching coach is the european scout for the Boston Red Sox. Anywho, I appraoched him after practice yesterday, and asked him about the potentiality of myself being singed by a major league team after this season, and being able to start next season likely in double A. My coach told me he had already brought my name up with the vice president of the Red Sox, and he turned me down simply on age alone, being 23-24 was too old to sign a newcomer.
I pleaded my case with my caoch somewhat, but he assured me how much he was a fan of me, and so was his supervisor, the problem is his supervisor's supervisor is the vice president. Anyways, my pitching coach is an honorable man, and a pure fan of baseball, which leads me to believe that he truly believes I have what it takes to pitch in the majors right now, like he told me. He told me " I truly believe you have what it takes to be a setup man in the majors right now, and be successful", I believe this too.

Anyways, time will tell what happens, my coach said he would re-enter my name into free-agent signing conversation, so there's a chance, most likely for next year if at any point. But like I said, don't put all yours eggs in the basket, I've been hurt too many times in this situation before, even though I know I have what it takes.


your biggest fan said...

Red Sox potential is good...
All it takes is believing you can do it, and work towards that. There IS truth in the old saying:
"Where thought and action goes ...energy flows".

Anonymous said...

You have what it takes. You always have. You might not always have what it takes, but the rest of you is so scrumptiously fantastic, that I'm sure we'll forgive you. (And if the director of the supervisor of the coach of you doesn't take you on, I have scorpions in a bag of nails that I will tie to his eyelids so he has to keep his balls open and watch you pitch so he can see how much he would be missing.)