Soduku and a weekend of rain, baseball and softball

Recently, Shorty and I have been really getting addicted to this game called soduku. For those of you who don't know what it is... Imagine a crossword, for numbers, where you get few hints, and need to find many many numbers to fill holes in the game. We bought a book of soduku games last week, and shorty's finshed about 1/2 of them already, I've done 4 or something, I prefer the tv or a good solid issue of men's health.

Baseball. I love it. And don't mind rain, but when rain decides to pop it's head out when I'm supposed to play, I wish it would never rain, snow or storm ever again in the history of the world. If I'm in line to pitch, I get myself mentally ready, and go through all my rituals (future blog topic) in the day leading up to pitching, so I want to freakin pitch when I am told I would.

This brings us to yesterday. Game time 10:30 am (effing early, but it was a tournament, so I expected it), we wake up....rain. drive to the field, rain, sit inthe cantine with the team looking at the soaked field, rain. "No chance" I say. Someone in the front office goes online and see's that there's potential for a break in the rain for a couple hours, so instead of cancelling the tournament like all the others in Holland we're this weekend, we wait it out. 3 hours later they tell us we are about to play. I'm in uniform, and have to be told to go warm up because we are playing in about 10 mins. Anywho, game went well, we won 5-1, I went 3 innings, struck out 3, gave up 2 hits, and 2 walks to one of the better hitting teams in the Europe, the Amsterdam Pirates.

Oh yea, we won our next 2 games, by the scores of 2-1 and 2-1, so we are the winners of our little tourny, for the 5th straight year.

Shorty played softball today, she went 5-7 with a few RBI's, and they won 2 games and tied one, woohoo. Also, this past week her reputation has spread and grown throughout the dutch softball league as the american who tags girls on the head and makes them cry. HAHahaha... I laugh at this, because she told me the whole story from last weekend. Some girl got in a rundown and ended up sliding into 3rd with a helmet which was previously split down the side. Well she went in head first, and her helmet came down and pretty much stabbed her in the eye at the same time Shorty applied a tag, so everyone thiks she smoked the back of her head. Whatever.

Time to chill for a day, send out our wedding gift thank you's, go to the gym, and spend tons of time with my wife, I think it's starting to settle in, we're married!

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