Rainouts blow. There's one thing for the game to actually be rained out (rain all day, and during warmup and pregame), and there's another thing for the game to be literally rained out 3 hours before the game is scheduled to start. We have about 5-10 people who are there to fix our field, and dry it up, and today before our game they weren't doing jack-shit. We could have played today, no doubt, it was an unnecessary rainout to me.

No loss to me though, we are slated to play this team 3 games this weekend, including tuesday now. Saturday is my start day, and this just means that Bergman (their #1 starter (also a national team pitcher)) will face me this weekend, should be a few good games.

Can't wait.

Also, I haven't been completely on my game the past 2 weekends, so I'm planning on getting back to my roots, and re-establish the "pitch perfect" mentality (hit every location when I'm pitching) into my gameplan.

I will be facing the best offensive baseball team in Europe this weekend... my time to shine, fuck rainouts.

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Dutchie Boyd said...

The "pitch perfect" mentality seems to have paid off for you.
Congrats at getting the 800st win last saturday for Neptunus in their team history !!

Hopefully the new Aussie pitcher arriving May 1st will be a great addition to the team.C