Saturday, April 19

Sorry they are so small, freakin webpage won't let me save these pics at a larger size.

Today was a better saturday than last. We won, I pitched, the team performed gracefully, and well enough to donate me with the WIN. A stat that is for some reason very important to statisticians, but very very unimportant to the pitcher who deliver them. Why must we throw 5 innings, and be ahead when we come out of the game just to recieve this WIN? Don't you think it would be more important to these statisticians for us pitchers to keep the opponents to no runs or as few as possible, wouldn't that be a more important stat?? I wonder... Anyways, I got a win this weekend, 6 innings, we won 3-1 versus one of the better teams in our league, so it's quite satisfying for myself. Also, the satisfaction is built up from last weekend, when I threw 4 innings (up by 14) and didn't recieve the statisticians stat, the WIN.

Whatever, we won, and that's all that should really matter. Despite that, my line= 6 innings, 80 pitches, 6 hits (all singles), 1 bb, 3 k's, 1 earned run. Hopefully my roommate/teammate can produce tomorrow on the mound, he's our #2, but can easily be our #1, he's a badass lefty, who throws cheese, and has been to triple A with the blue Jays and Cardinals.

Anywho, we are now tied with the scrappy, piece of sh*t pioneers for top spot in the league, and we don't play them for a while either, oh well, let's just destroy all the little guys while we can.

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