Stumping Sparta

Kinheim was on my mind last week, and this week it's Sparta. We play them thursday, saturday and sunday, and saturday should be my game. Leading up to the game I go through the week putting myself of the mound (mentally) and seeing myself winning, improving weekly, throwing how and what I want when I want.
Pitching can play games with the pitcher. It's easy to lose focus during a game, and psych yourself out before it even begins. I like to think I've pitched enough, and gone through every mental state possible on the mound to learn from my mistakes.
I really look forward to the weekend, getting back into the pre-game rituals, and being and playing baseball, the greatest sport in the world.
If you're a baseball fan, you know that baseball players are known for being quite superstitious. I'll go through some normal and rediculous rituals.
Friday evening Shorty and I walk down the street and pick up the same delicious Chinese food from the same place. We eat half, save half for breakfast on saturday morning (gameday normally). Gameday morning shower, and fruit drink. Warm up with the team (most starting pitchers go on their own schedules when they are pitching, but I like to keep the team player mentally). Then, game time.

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Anonymous said...

Your short postings are an interesting look into the mind/mentality of a pitcher... who knows, it could accumulate into a best selling novel someday. Enjoy the pre-game meal and all the best for Saturday.