Anticipation of the tulips

Today Shorty and I are heading out to see the world famous dutch Tulips fields at Keukenhof, Lisse. We're heading out in about 30 mins to drive for an hour to walk for 4. From what we've heard, and read, this is supposedly the nicest time of the year to see them (right in the middle of the 2 month long open period of the park) and the main tulips are blooming right now.

Also, this week they have a tulip tribute to the Olympics, so we might check that out, if we can find it. The park looks huge online, you can take all these bike tours through it, and one of them is 26 km long! We're not walking that effing far, or won't have anything left for practice tonight.

Shorty loves flowers. Simple as that, we walked throught the market here on tuesday and they have whole rows of vendors just with flowers, and that always takes longer then the cheese of bread or fruit rows for sure. Since we've been back here in holland, our vase hasn't been empty, we are on bouquet number 4, filles with light pink roses and crazy pink and white daisies, We're going with green, black, and blue next time... a manlier bouquet.

Dogs are allowed in certain areas of the park... Come on Roo!!


dean said...

You just watch, her little hear might poke out from the top of one of the tulip fields. Probably the pink tulip field, because she's girly like that.

the Dutchie said...

It is amazing, a memory you will treasure for ever!
Markets in Holland are absolutely the BEST and cheapest places to buy flowers, especially when the marketday is coming to an end, and the vendors want to clear their merchandise...2 bouquets for the price of one! My younger brother always came home with a double bouquet for mom from the saturday market.Glad to hear you both are loving it all!