Reigniting and Revamping the Blog...

So here's the deal... I'm trying to add some new gadgets, delete some old links and info, and make the page just a little newer. I have 2 weeks here in New Mexico spending lots of time with Shorty, but while she's working and doing homework I have solid chunks of time to work on this and make it as personable, informative, eye catching and interesting as I possibly can.

To all my loyal readers and to anyone just dropping by, don't hesitate to let me know what you guys think. All feedback is good, it will help me move along in the right direction with my blog.

Thank you,



LJ said...

I've really enjoyed your blog. :)

If you're changing things, you might want to edit your banner image so that the text doesn't get lost in the yellow line on the wall. Very minor nitpick.

Enjoy the off-season!

Leon 44 said...


Thanks for the comment, I'll do what I can to fix that problem asap!