New Jay leadership

The Toronto Blue Jays ended their 8 year long relationship with General Manager JP Ricciardi. After the Jays first losing season since the 2005 season and unrest throughout the organization they decided to pull the plug on Ricciardi.

They immediately filled the role with Alexander Anthopoulos, who was the Vice President, Baseball Operations & Assistant General Manager. Anthopoulos is only 32 years old, but a young face up top might be what the Jays need, look at the Boston Red Sox who were led (at the time) to the 2004 World Series crown by 29 year old Theo Epstein.

Who knows what this means for all of the employees in the organization. Some coaches feared that if Ricciardi went that they might just clear out a lot of the coaches throughout the minors. We will see how that works out. Personally I am hoping Anthopoulos thoroughly looks at all the cases of coach and player before drastic measures are taken.

I know I didn't have the ideal season or stats that I or the Jays were looking for. I do know what I need to do to be part of the Jays future plans, and that starts with a very strong spring training.

I want to impress beyond belief.

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Anonymous said...

Then you will! Go team Lee!!! Xox, sis.