Back in the Rock

Well I'm back.

I'm settled in somewhat back at home here in White Rock, BC. I arrived Saturday, to being picked up by my wonderful sister, who ended up taking me back to White Rock so that we could hang out some. So, that we did. Enjoyed meeting a new family member, lil' Chip. He's an awesome dog of whom I hope to share many pictures and videos of once I figure out how to load stuff on a MAC, or get the wireless going.

Started my workouts 3 days ago. After taking 2 complete weeks off while in New Mexico while enjoying my time with my wonderful wife, I have just started my winter training, It will last until spring training begins in March. So killing my legs the first day were inevitable; I took it easy on the legs though, just a few laps of a soccer field. Got the arm going twice already, it feels good and after 80 throws its feeling pretty good on its day off today.

The house is pretty quiet with me being the only soul within it. I'm house sitting right now for my folks until they get back from Europe where they are having the time of their lives.

Well not much to blog about recently, anyone got any Q's?


Mimy said...

You asked for a question. My little son of nine, the guy who currently helps him with pitching (Joey, you might know him from the Dutch national team) and I are curious about your special slider mechanics. Can you perhaps write about how you throw, what is special about it, the pitfalls, how to controll it and how to train a good slider your way?

ansonas said...

i have one question too. how do you think - what MPH is the lower border an athletic person should be able to throw without any special talent for throwing a ball? i'm teaching myself and other guys pitching here in Latvia where we have no coaches. i'm the fastest thrower on the team and last year i topped out at 78MPH (my teammates from 65-74MPH). i think i can improve this year and get at least over 80 just by iprowing my mechanics. but what should i expect from others who maybe are athletic, but not talanted in throwing? i wonder how fast jonny damon is throwing - seems to not have a lot of talent in throwing :)