Aliens everywhere...

Shorty and I drove from Tulsa to Vancouver last year at about this time of year. Before we left we mapped out our trip, we marked down the cities, and sights we really wanted to see that were along our route. We were able to stop by every place we planned on except for one. That was Roswell, New Mexico. It was about 4 hours out of the way, not counting how long we would be there checking stuff out. For those of you who don't know, Roswell is world renowned for being the city where the most alien activity has been reported. From area 51 (a government restricted area) to all of the sightings and claimed alien abductions, Roswell is the extra terrestrial hot spot of North America.
So Shorty and I stopped on the way back from El Paso to Portales, we stayed the night in a little cheap-ass Days Inn so that we didn't have to make the 2 hour drive home that night, then back out the next morning. We awoke around 9, just in time to take advantage of the hotels little breakfast, and then head across the road to Starbucks for a little wake up juice. Around 11 we proceeded to head down to the "Alien strip", from the 1st to the 5th blocks of Main street in Roswell and checked out the situation. It was cheesy, and pretty much what we expected. A bunch of souvenir shops and little cafes, and the UFO museum. We paid our $5 each, and took the tour of the museum, they have all kinds of articles, pictures, here say, stories and movies. It was, well, interesting to say the least, not saying it swayed me to believe that they landed here, but gives you something to think about that's for sure.
We were glad after that we didn't go waaaay out of our way last year just to do this little trip, but we are glad we can check Roswell off of our list of places to visit!


LJ said...

ARGH, I'M JEALOUS. I wanted to hit Roswell while I was down there, and didn't get the chance. I remember when the whole Area 51 thing broke in the '90s. Now, there's Google Earth and you can kinda be a virtual tourist.

It makes me mad when Jays/51s fans want to change the logo. Nooooo!

Milan said...

Hi Leon
I have a few questions.

I'm a boy of 8 years old from the Netherlands and collect baseballcards and try to sign these cards by the players.
On holiday last summer in the States I have succeeded to sign some cards by big league players like David Price, Dan Wheeler and Ross Ohlendorf.
At the WK in Amsterdam you have signed your KNBSB baseballcard for me.
I was very happy with that because that was the last card of the set that was missing an autograph.

Do you have your first minor league baseballcard and can you publish a scan or picture from it? I'm going to search the internet for your card.

Can you tell something about your changes in pitching? (Neptunus, start with the Blue Jays and end of the season). Are you still throwing submarines like for example Chad Bradford from the Tampa Bay Rays?

And my last question do you speak dutch?
(My dad has translated my questions)

I hope you have time to answer my questions

greetings Milan

Anonymous said...

The Dutch have their own alien. He goes by the name of Nick Stuifbergen.


Leon 44 said...

Rob - Very true... some how the alien "Stuifbergen" throws strikes with one freakin eye...

Milan - Thanks for your interest in me! I'll see what I can do about sending you a card. Can you share your email address with me on here, that would be best. I don't speak dutch, but can understand it, I'm getting better though. Yes I did throw like Bradford all year, it wasn't easy, that's why I'm going back to my old pitching style...