Last few days

I'm learning a bit about the city here and getting somewhat settled in (but still not really yet). We're about to have our second night in the comfort inn here in Manchester, New Hampshire, and have one more night on the Blue Jays here giving us 3 days to find accommodations.

We (my wife Shorty and I, and left handed pitching room mates Nathan Starner and Marc Rzepczynski) have found a 3 bedroom apartment in downtown Manchester. It's very very nice, but we just have to put up a reasonably high (but worth the nice apartment) price per month to live there. We went out to check out some apartments today and checked out 2 of the few apartment complexes which were able to accompany our needs and give us a 6 month lease or less. Anyways, we will move is there either Wednesday or Thursday and are going to rent furniture for a Fisher Cat special price, which is about 75% cheaper than what is offered by the apartment complex.

We got a quick practice in this morning, 6 pitchers including myself got into a simulated game (pitching against our own batters without fielders) and most guys got a solid gym workout in here at the stadium. By the way, our stadium is awesome, very very nice. I think it fits about 10,000, has a Hilton hotel right behind the left center field fence, and also a Bar and grill directly behind the left field wall. Very cool looking field.

We had a meet and greet with the season ticket holders and all the local fans tonight. We sat in a row, all 24 of us and signed autographs on balls, bats, gloves, banners, hats, paper, signs, and even a water bottle. Overall it was great to meet and chat with a lot of the kids and fans that came through today.

Our first game is Wednesday night, and after that, only 139 more!


Kevin Heijstek said...

Heeey Boyd,
I'm trying too reach you but its hard too get you.
How are you doing? I heard that you playing Double A now?!?!
Thats GREAT!!

Sooo you come visit the dutchies ones ore you stay there? If you coming too here say it and we drink on that!!!

Greets too Gina from Deborah and me en keep up the good work!!

If you want too send me a message back this is my email:

see yah!;)

FritZ said...

Stadium looks super

theoddbod said...

beautiful ball park

Anonymous said...

Yaaaaaay! Hope you both settle in easily and quickly.

xox, sis.