The big #200

Wow, I didn't even realize it, but my last post was #200 since I started my blog in February 2007 and over about 400 days I've thrown up 200 posts. Since I put up a post for my 100th entry, I figured to give this one some love too.

Let's see, since I started writing about the happenenings in the life of my wife and I put up posts about such things as...

-> Our amazing wedding in Oklahoma in march
-> A beautiful Jamaican honeymoon
-> My seconds year playing in the Dutch Headclass
-> A no-hitter against the Amsterdam Pirates
-> The 2008 pre-olympics and Olympic games in Beijing
-> The honor of being the best man at two of my best friends wedding back in BC
-> Adventures and happenings of living in Holland for 8 months with my wife
-> Living back at home for 3 months in Vancouver
-> Pre-WBC training in Florida
-> The WBC in Puerto rico and Miami
-> Signing and playing with the Blue Jays in their minor league system
-> Many many other blogs about random occurrences, daily happenings, good things, bad things, and anything that I've experienced over the incredible past 14 months. Most of them are accompanied by pictures.

Anyways, I'm going to try and keep up the blogging while I'm here playing for the New Hampshire Fisher Cats, and wherever else life may take me and my wife Shorty.


Kevin Heijstek said...

Heeey boyd!!!

How are you my friend!:D
I tryed to reach you with a textmessage but i think you didn't get it from me. Soo i try it on this way..
First of al a really great en cool job being sign't man! That's soo cool and you deserve it.
I Missing your tips and good words around me men.
I see you have a great time over there and i follow everything don't worry:D...
I hope that you have some time too mail me back and stay in touch with me. Greetings too you and Gina from me and Deborah!
Hope that we can drink a bear on your succes you have...

See yah later boyd!

P.S This is my mail adress:

Anonymous said...

Hi Leon,
i'm a fan since Pioneers Hoboken
i've been to Rotterdam to see you play, but this time you went to far away.
Thank god for your blog
good luck in america

MOM said...

Amazing ... 200 blog entrees!!
It has allowed a lot of us who know you, and those who don't know you, but are fans to follow your journey through some pretty big events over the last 2 years. WOW, loved every entry from your favourite runners getting mangling in the dryer, to the opening ceremonies of the Olympics, and recently getting the save as closer against the Dominicans and the consequent signing with the Blue Jays ... KEEP IT COMING, photos and all!

Love from a proud MOM