Finals Rosters

They told us in an early morning meeting about sending bags, teamwork, and the all important minor league final rosters.

I have been assigned to... Dum dumdum Duuuuum!! Double A, New Hampshire Fisher Cats!!I am very excited to get up there and be able to put together a solid campaign.

I will be a relief pitcher. Not sure which role they'll be giving me, but I hope I get some decent work in, and that I'll be able to do my best. We have 25 players on our roster, this includes 4 outfielders, 2 catchers, 13 pitchers and 6 infielders... a solid roster, with a lot of potential. We'll see how it all pans out.

I'll give you some more posts once I'm back in New Hampshire, and have a place to live!


FritZ said...


We will miss you at Neptunus, but keep up the good work!

David Griebeling said...

Congrats on your AA assignment. Hope you make the most of it, and move up to Las Vegas!

Anonymous said...

Congrats Leon! Hard work pays off (sometimes). Now that you have your foot in the door, show the world that you definitely belong there and that you'll will be striving for even more. Enjoy the ride...

Anonymous said...

AA, not bad. Would like to get to Manchester this summer as my wife has a brother who lives there

Hello Leon
AA, not bad. Would like to get a chance to see a game this summer. Will be following your year.

Dave Roessler

Anonymous said...

Hi Leon:

It's Barry Smith, your dad's friend from CWS. Just reading your AA news, nicely done. I enjoyed watching your performance in the WBC and have some games recorded.

During the first game against DR SportsNet left your game at the top of the hour, when you were pitching, to cover the Canada-US game, so I missed your win, but saw the highlights.

your rents said...

Congrats Leon, have a good trip to Manchester, New Hampshire, ... enjoy the double A level, you may not be there for long the way things are going ... Toronto is waiting!!

Your proud parents

stephenneedham6 said...

Just found your blog now! I'm Canadian but also have a mom from Croatia so I understand why you would want to play for the Dutch! I found myself definately wanting to see you guys win after Canada got eliminated.

You guys provided me with probably one of my ten best watched baseball games!

Good luck in the future!!

Christopher said...

Okay that's pretty damn awesome! Congratulations! Also I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed watching you and your team during the tournament. Too much fun for baseball fans. I'm rooting for you and will be following your season.