It's about that time

I've waited about 8 years to make my professional debut, so whats another day?

Tomorrow I'm flying to Toronto with (knock on wood (yeah I'm fairly superstitious)) all the paperwork I need to be approved and get my visa to be able to officially play minor league ball, finally. The Blue Jays management booked my flight so that I would be able to perhaps be available for relief once I fly home for our 6:35 start.

I'm flying Manchester to Toronto at 11:10 am, getting off that plane, walking straight out and to the Air Canada counter to pick up my return ticket. At that point I proceed directly to US immigration, where I'll need to go to an office or something to get the paperwork out of the way, and wait 4 hours to board my return flight. Upon arrival back in Manchester at 7:05 pm, I will promptly find a cab, and get to the field asap. I'm thinking (barring any delays) I can make it to the bullpen by about the 6th-7th inning, in time to maybe make my debut. I do not know if I will pitch, but I am going to go about it like I expect to, so that I will be ready no matter what.

On another note I've realized we are a hot cold team, as most teams are, streaky. We won our first three and have proceeded to lose our next three, with the latest defeat a 2-0 heartbreaker tonight.

I saw the most dominating start I think I've ever witnessed tonight, and I've seen a lot of baseball in my life. Our starter Rei Gonzalaez from Key West, Florida threw as efficienly as any starter I've ever seen. He gave up 5 hits, okay, struck out 4, okay, walked none, good. But the amazing numbers in the game were not all the zero's he put up over 8 and 2/3 innings of work, no, it's the fact that he only used 71 pitches. He never threw more than 4 pitches to any batter unless he struck them out. That's rediculous! Unfortunately he was pulled for a lefty - lefty matchup with 2 outs in the 9th that didn't pay off despite his low pitch count, so he wasn't able to get a chance for a win, or a complete game. Still, I won't forget this outing. I've been part of 2 no-hitters, and many complete games and they were nowhere near as maserful as what Rei Gonzalez did today for the Fisher Cats.

Time to get some sleep, tomorrow is potentially a very big day.


FritZ said...

Good luck with all the paperwork tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Looking fine Boyd......mighty fine !!!
Mark Roef

Anonymous said...

Hi Leon,
I followed you during the last WBC, and your performance was very good. I hope you could soon be in MLB pitching for Toronto.
Can you give me some details on minor league contracts? Does it exsist a signing bonus for players like you signed out of european leagues? Does the salary depend on the level of the league?
a baseball fan from Italy

Anonymous said...

You finally got your visa and your first official start to as a professional ballplayer. And, hey, nice save tonight... hope you kept the ball as a souvenir. It has indeed been a long and winding road but it's in your hands now to make the most of it. We're very proud of you. Cheers!

Loet said...

Hi Leon!
You've made it! Back in time to catch the save. Congrats! Rotterdam will be proud, I am.

Leavitt Family said...


Im expecting some good blogging on your minor league experience. I'll be looking in. Good luck with New Hampshire, hope to see you in Toronto soon.