Hello again.

Obviously, I haven't written in more than 1... Jesus, maybe 2 .... wait I think it's more than 2 damn months by now. Brutal and boring I know. Save it.

UPDATE- I saved this post and created the vs. Germany post you can find below this after I wrote this one, so don't be confused people.

I'm sure the only people to drop by this page now are randoms, and my parents. Well time to get back at it somewhat. I have so much to write about, so many happenings over the past few months. Here are some things that have happened over the past 2 or so months that I haven't blogged about... since, well, I haven't blogged anything.

->Shorty (wife) joined me in Rotterdam for a month plus on her summer break, we had lots of good chill and quality time.

->A day after Shorty peaced out, my folks came out and spent a month watching a couple tournaments and spending quality time too.

->In case you don't know, I play on the Dutch National Baseball team, we hosted and won the Haarlemse Honkbalweek in early July.

->The National team (Oranje) then headed to Germany for a two week, rainy, dominant, then dominated tournament (European Championship). Needless to say we came second.

->We beat Cuba when I started, run ruling them for the first time in history 10-0.

->My folks left a week ago, and I've been getting back to semi-normalcy since. I've got a new room mate for the rest of the year... a 6'8" Aussie and his aussie lady friend.

->We are rapidly approaching our last 3 games of the club team season this weekend. We've already clinched the #1 position in the playoffs starting in 2 weekends.

->Shorty and I had plenty of sun in June, then July became rainy, and it's been shaky ever since... tonight, back to rain.

->What else happened, oh, I contemplated blogging about 8732489 times. I procrastinated, shook it off, couldn't think of what exactly to start with and basically I'm just a shitty constant blogger... wear it whoever reads this.

Anyways... I can write about almost anything right now, if anyone wants to know anything, has any questions about the national team (within reason) or my club team Neptunus... also about Shorty or my folks (also, within reason)... Let me know and I'll see what I can make happen on here.

For now... peace.

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Szenyo said...

Hi Leon,

here are the Hungarian Baseball Freaks and your room-mate. :D

Unfortunately we did not see your start against Germany, because our tour was ended on Monday in Heidenheim, and we had to come home....

Anyway, greetings to you, Dushan, Bas, and all of the folks around there :D