In Germany vs. Germany

I was handed the ball for our 4th game of the European Baseball championships. I was given the biggest threat to us in the first round, Ze Germans!!

It was tough leading up to that game. First off, waiting to start, and sitting on the bench for 4 games doing charts and chewing 34589 seeds gets old. But as a starter you get geared up for starts. I've blogged about this in the past, the routines... well, I had all mine lined up wonderfully for the start Monday against these guys. We roll up to the field and promptly a monsoon hits the field for 30 straight minutes. This turned the field into a lake. My dad was watching the game that was just finishing up, sporting only a small umbrella and wound completely soaked from the shoe soles to the knees... I'm telling you, it was flash flood worthy rain... raindrops the size of, well, baseballs.
Anywho, the game was cancelled, and move to 2 days later. That was fine, I mentally prepared myself for a rainout, not to be pissed or dissapointed. I came out Wednesday and threw well, 7 innings, 2 hits, 7 strikeouts and a walk. We won the game 3-0, which in this tounament is all that matters. We had to make the finals. We did.

The finals pinned us against Italy. They were good, very good. In our defence, I am the only guy on the Dutch team not born in a country that gives out Netherlands passports. It's not an excuse, but Italy only had 3 starters that were from Italy. It was basically America/Venezuela/Cuba/Italy vs. Netherlands (and a Canadian). I gotta give them credit though, we could have stepped up and won I think, but they played well, and they were stronger in every facet of the game.

Well here's a few pictures from my start against Germany in Heidenheim, Germany.

Outfielder playing first for the first time in 10 years. Bas DeJong making a play on a bunt, made a nice play.

A little semi-sidearm action.

Long time National team stud catcher Sidney DeJong (not related to Bas ablove). Biggest gamer, most clutch hitter and one of the smartest catcher I've ever played with.

Fastball, outside, 89 MPH, strikeout pitch.

2-seam fastball on the inside corner, 88 mph, induced a groundball to the shortstop.

Since our hats are at our hearts, we are saluting the Dutch national anthem, Wilhelmus.

Slider low and away, 74 MPH.
A few minutes after the skies opened during my start vs. Germany. Luckily we were up 1-0 already after 7 innings at this point. After 2 hours of field crew work we continues at won 3-0.
87 MPH fastball on the inside corner. I can tell by the mechanics... of course.

Guy swinging... and missing at a slider... and apparently being so fooled he lauched his bat at our dugout because he was so pissed...

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