News and my new flat (dutch apt)..

So I've settled into my new pad. I've thrown up a couple shots I just took from the inside of my 2 bedroom apartment here on the south side of Rotterdam. The past week has been good, I was awarded my first start this past saturday due to a slight injury to Diegomar Markwell, who tweaked his hamstring in his previous start. This next weekend is shaping up to possibly give me my second start of the year, only because of a rainout yesterday, and today. The makeup game for yesterdays rainout was cancelled before I even had a chance to get to the field to catch the team bus today. That means Kevin Heijstek (no link available for him) who was supposed to start yesterday, will be likely pushed to the next available start, being our next game on thursday. This makes his almost guarenteed (we don't find out until tuesday practice) next sunday start less and less likely, throwing in the need of another starter. We'll see.

Life's been going. I chat with my wonderful wife via a 'pay as you go' cell phone, which ends up costing a lot, but skype isn't possible for us, so we do what we can with what is available. Her first season of coaching just wrapped up, it was a struggle to win games, they lost 12 1 run games, which is always frustrating. But, as I expect from Shorty, she was satistfied when the girls played hard and gave maximum effort, which unfortunately seemed to be the case less often than more. Either way, she's going to wrap up the last couple weeks of school now, get her A's, then drive home, and fly out here in less that 3 weeks.

My good friend Zach Dials, who was my room mate at home and on the road in both single A and double A was recently also released by the Blue Jays. But, I am happy to report he has been signed by the Washington Nationals and will report to their High A team in Potomac in the next week. He's easily one of the best guys I've ever met, and has good stuff too. 91-95 sinker, cutter in the upper 80's, and a devastating slider... oh year, his changeup is a plus pitch too.

Well here's the couple pictures I promised.

A picture from my last game, and my first start of the year. I got into the 8th inning without giving up a hit, then got touched for a broken bat single with 1 out. Oh well... I felt great, and it was so comfortable to be back in a starting role, even know it doesn't seem permanent.

It's not an optical illusion, my kitchen gets smaller all the way to the balcony. I'm on the 4th floor, so the view is pretty solid. See the previous post.

Tonights dinner. In dutch - Kipfilet blokjes, met pinda saus, en a kleine groene salad'je. In english - Chicken pieces with peanut sauce, and a small green salad.

My awesomely plain shower room, I would show you the WC (toilet) which is in another room, but I will save you the sheer awesomeness.

I'm a big fan of condiments... and these 3 are used regularly. Don't worry, the knoflook sauce (garlic sauce, the closest thing to ranch in Holland) isn't opened yet, it'll be in the fridge once cracked, no worries.

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Joe said...

Great post. Not sure how they can't put you permanently into the rotation after the way you pitched last game. Or at least give you a few more cracks at it.

We all were pretty caught off guard when Dials was released. Perhaps the change will be good for him going to the Nats though with more opportunities. Would love to see him called up to AA before they come to NH in late July. He has the talent to do so.

Love the posts/pics.