New spot

Well, after my release from the Toronto Blue Jays I've found a familiar but new home. I'm back in Holland, Rotterdam at that, but have new accomadations, different than the apartment I lived in right by the field in 2007-2008. It's quite nice, 4th floor facing the city from across the river. I signed back to play with Door Neptunus in Rotterdam, glad to be back, but like I've told many people here it's quite biter-sweet. I truely believe if the Jays would have given me another chance at double A I would have thrived. We'll never know. For now I'm back here, and enjoying it, despite shorty being in the states still to finish up her school.
I should see her in about 3-4 weeks, and I can not wait for that day! Until then, working out 5 times a week with Hans Kroon the national teams' personal trainer, and only 1 day off from practices and games. Lotsa baseball!! I've taken some pics of and from my new place and added them below... check it out! Beautiful view, nice 2 bedroom apartment overlooking the city.
Alles goed vanaf nu!


ansonas said...

sorry about Your release - I was looking forward following Your progress. and a nice view indeed!

Freek Oosterom said...

Wow, good place to stay Leon!

Iain said...

Nice view. Sorry to hear about being released... It really looked like a numbers game this spring.. there were a ton of pitchers coming into camp and only so many spots. I am surprised you didn't find something with another team in North America since there's always someone looking for pitching.

Leon 44 said...

I had my opportunities right away, but I would much rather play here than the indy leagues... it's even more of a meat market there than the minors. You're right, they signed about 20 triple A caliber guys after they traded Halladay... oh well, who knows whats down the road. Thanks for the comments.

Walter Helena said...

Lucky boy! Gorgeous view! Thanks for sharing Lee.

Now...just imagine Jason and I in the next room over, fixing margaritas on the dresser and getting ready for a night on the town with you :)

Lub you tons.