In-game action...

A couple weeks ago on a clear Thursday evening game I did the unthinkable. I took pictures from the dugout during a game. Actually, I've done this a lot in the past couple years, just trying to capture memories I know I'll want to be able to re-live through pictures. So, I popped outside the dugout in the 5th and shot a couple quick hidden cam style pictures. Of course taken without a flash, to ensure I didn't bring any attention to my baseball etiquette breaking move. Well, I took a couple shots and, you can obviously tell I'm no pro at this photography stuff (even though I took it as an elective in high school), but better than nothing I guess!

If you're willing to search a bit, find some albums with either Neptunus or the national team games, you might find some good pics. And who knows, you might pickup a little dutch on the way ;) Here are 4 photographers who frequent the dutch league games, the top two being mainly Neptunus.
Rob Jelsma
Eye of the Tiger
Alfred Cop

The dugout. There is very good chemistry on our team. Even though, yes, the Antillians sit on the left side... it's because talking in Papiamento (official Carribean islands language (Aruba, Curacao, Bonaire)) is easier for them. It doesn't matter though... as usual there are 3 languages spoken regularly in the dugout. Our coaches have our team meetings in english for Our Austalian pitcher and somewhat myself, even though I can follow the Dutch.

Just a little peak at the scoreboard and back drop. For north americans, on the bottom line on the lit up scoreboard the have P: BBFS... they track the pitches. B=Ball, F=Foul, S=Strike, I=In play... it's a dutch thing.

Oh, uhh... they were giving away invisible syrum at the gates.

If it's clear, we get some beautiful sunsets at our night games.


dutchie Boyd said...

I want some of that "be invisible serum", I can think of so many places I could use that ;-)
Nice pics, keep em coming.

Leon 44 said...

I got plenty more coming in the next couple days (depending on when I finally finish off my Rotterdam pictures post), You'll see!!