Thanks to Miss Blogspot deleting my whole last hugely gigantic supermassive juggernaut of a post, I am now mad, and will only settle for a couple lines to repeat what I was posting.

I ran through how it is Shorty's first birthday, and our 6th together, and how we have been together an apart for a lot of it. Also, about the crappyness of my giftgiving talents, and realizing how much better life it together with this woman.

I went about explaining pretty much every last detail of her birthday today, 19 days after our marriage, from waking to shopping, to traffic to a wierd but good greek food experience.

Anyways, I'm just straight up mad at you blogspot. You don't even deserve a miss or Mr. in front anymore, I might just shorten it to BS if you keep up this deleting my posts after I just try and shorten the space between my writing and picture dammit!

But still, happy bithday sweety! If 'Nobody loves you when you're 23'...then it's a damn good thing you're 24.

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