Taiwan pictures... #1

We are in Taipei! Currently preparing for a tournament starting Saturday called the Intercontinental Cup. It's featuring the national teams from 10 countries - Japan, Cuba, Netherlands, Italy, Czech Republic, Nicaragua, Thailand, Hong Kong, Korea and the host, Taiwan.

I brought my little camera, and will try and pop a few more pictures than I have over the other tournaments this summer. These pictures are from our first full day, in which we also played our first game, an exhibition match against Japan. We got no-hit. I think landing 12 hours before the first pitch wasn't the best for our focus during this one...

I went 1 inning, 3 k's. I actually just had a chance to watch the game on TV here, it was a very boring game, specially because I can't understand a thing they're saying. Here's a few shots from out our window here on the 13th floor in downtown Taipei, and then a couple of the dugout pregame.

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