Like I said in my previous post, we rode into Taichung, Taiwan yesterday via the "High speed train". We got up to 360 km/h or 224 MPH.... crazy.

Anywho, the Intercontinental Cup starts tomorrow, barring any flack from Megi, the Super typhoon that is teasing the coast, about an hour away...

We play Italy tomorrow, and Nicaragua Sunday 6:30pm local time... which is 6:30am Eastern USA time. If you don't know how far you are off that time... google it here. Good news is, other that out first game against the Italians, you can watch the rest of our games live online. You can find them at http://hichannel.hinet.net/intercontinental/live.html .
It's an all Taiwanese website, so even though these games are on very early in Canada and USA, I don't know if I'd trust trying to find any games archived. I am *cough* not sure *cough* if I'll be starting against Nicaragua (read between the lines).
If you want more insight on these pictures, I put them up in a new facebook album too.... check it out!

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Dutchie Boyd said...

Good luck against the "Azurri" on Sat. and HAVE A GREAT OUTING sunday. Hopefully sweet Megi, the Super typhoon will be raging just on the coast!