Well, I'm not sure what to write about. If I had been writing regularly over the past while, I would have lots to write about though, because there wouldn't be 100 little things to try and stuff into one blog. Life's been busy, my job right now is to get as ready as I can for spring training, so basically, working out, eating right, mechanics work, and last but not least enjoy the time I have with my wife.

Right now I am in the beautiful small town of Portales, New Mexico. It's best known for having the biggest organic peanut plant in the US, woohoo. To be honest, other than the small Division 2 university, I'm not sure why the city is here. But that is just my 'grown up in a big city' view. I have been using everything the school has to offer, working out in their gym, running stairs and doing plyometrics in their basketball arena, and throwing with and to the baseball team.

I've lost over 25 pounds this off season. This is something I knew I needed to accomplish to be able to obtain my ideal physique to throw to my maximum potential this spring. I'm not sure if it's just me, or my mindset, but I truly believe I throw looser, harder and more accurately the less excess weight I carry. That has me pretty skinny, but quick and strong. I can't take any chances, and have been working out several different ways and hours a day to get my body in as good a shape as I can before I report to camp March 6.

The Blue Jays have been signing pitchers left and right, hoping that one or more can fill the void left by the Roy Halladay trade. They have 30 healthy pitchers vying for 12 spots in the big league camp right now. Realistically, a couple will be cut, but the rest will be shuffled down into the minor leagues. I've known since the end of last season (actually the middle) that I need to shine in spring training, so I'm setting myself up to do the best I can do at that time. Like my dad always says "you don't want to look back and say to yourself - did I really do all that I could have?". What a smart man.

I have about 10 more days of ass-busting here before I fly to Dunedin, Florida, and that's when the ass-busting really gets going. Up at 5:30, several hours of baseball, then back around 2-4 pm. Until then I'm very glad to be in my spring training training period and spending very valuable time with my wife. Shorty is very supportive, and even a driving force behind me to get better, work harder and be as good a pitcher as I can be.

I'll see if I can think of a actual title for my next post.


Iain said...

I'm surprised you aren't already in Florida.. I guess mandatory appearance for the minors is a little later than the majors.
I kind of figured looking at the numbers game that it will be a tough go this spring for the pitchers in the minors. There's enough guys at the major league club to fill the AAA and AA pitching rosters. Of course not all will remain, some released, some traded for position players (need some). I suspect after all the moves AAA will be pretty much filled with some bleed over to AA.

As for the title, how about 'Less is more'?

Anonymous said...

Good Luck Leon!Knock em dead in spring training.Give your wife my best.
Johnny Bad

Leon 44 said...

Iain - Lots of spill over I'm assuming, and there weren't many released guys over the offseason either, so it will be interesting. There will probabl be 30 guys on the AAA staff at the start of ST. I'm getting ready my own way down here, this is the only opportunity I will have to be with my wife too, so I needed to take this time to be here, won't see her for a couple months after this. It will be an uphill battle, but what have I got to lose now!?!

Thanks Johnny bad! Good to hear from ya!

Cade's Dad said...

Leon, I wanted you to wish you good luck. You taught my son Cade for a few weeks at the powerzone in BC when you were filling in for DJ. I appreciated the way you coached the boys. Good luck with the Jays.


Cade's Dad

Dad said...

You can't always be the best but you can always give your best, and in the end have no regrets. We all have our limits and some just happen to be higher/better/faster but the true winners, the gold medalists, are those who give 100% of their innate ability and leave nothing on the field. Lee, go for it ... leave nothing on the field.