Should we write a book?

Shorty(wife) and I are approaching, if we have not already passed the point in our relationship where we may or may not be in the most long-lasting long distance relationship ever.

We have been a couple for almost 8 years, and married for almost 2... having said that, we have been apart for more than 1/2 of our relationship. This automatically puts huge speed bumps in a relationship, and marriage.

We have flown in to see one another maybe.... 30 times by now, we spend a month or two together, then the same or more time apart. This is caused mainly because I play baseball, and never know where I'll be playing from one day to another (we found out the hard way last year as Shorty drove 20 hours to be with me for a month until I got moved, where she drove 25 hours to be there with me, until I got moved back(3weeks later... then we said screw this). She is from the Midwest (USA), I and I am from Vancouver, Canada, and still call this home. Shorty is currently in New Mexico following what she loves, as am I. It's not easy, it never is, never was, but hopefully will be once we're together for good. We have made it this far, so I am really thinking, we must have figured something out right? I never wanted to have a long distance relationship, that's the exact reason I broke up with my last girlfriend, I didn't want to try to make it work. But low and behold, Shorty and I have found our way (not a way, our way). We don't ever talk about it or realize how far we've come as a couple, as individuals, as relationship pioneers. We have broken down walls that's probably 99% of couple would have failed at, we have done so much, and still have our lives to accomplish.

The title of this post is a joke, but, could almost be true. If we had the right author and editors around us, we could probably have a bestseller. We have so many stories, so many highs and lows. From living in Europe for 3 years, playing in 2 universities together, accents, crazy nights, random experiences, friends and acquaintances coming and going... oh man, book material!

We have had so much stuff to go through, and are still so unsure about our future, and how it will play out, because so far nothing has gone according to plan. Present times suck (because, yes, we are apart right now) but we know that deep down the other cares so much for us that no matter what, it will be okay, and when WE believe, things work out.

Picture #1 = about 3 minutes after I threw my first no-hitter.
Picture #2 = Shorty and I in Stanley park, Vancouver, BC.
Picture #3 = Us skating ... good times.

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