Positive demotion

So I'm back in Dunedin. And it's for the better.

I was called into the head coaches office in New Hampshire on the 26th, and was promptly told that management had made the move to send me to High A, a level below where I had logged 12.2 innings and 5 saves over a nearly 2 month period. I was informed that there was a pitching "log jam" in the upper minor leagues, and that I was heading south to regain my "swagger" after a couple rough outings. It didn't help that at the day before 2 big league pitchers came off the DL and that normally shuffles down the minor league system.

Eight hours after I was informed of the move, I was in the airplane heading south; 2 bags with all my stuff and a changed mindset. I've been working harder, focusing all my energy and time towards improving my game, my mindset, my body and anything that can make me a better pitcher. In New Hampshire I'd arrive around 2 at the field, here I get there between 12:30 and 1 for a 7 pm game. I have extra time to work out, stretch, do tubing, relax before the game, anything that will make me a have a better outing that day.

Shorty and I had a couple days to find a place to stay here and are now posted up with a teammate from New Hampshire's girlfriend who lives down here, just north of Dunedin. It's a good spot for us, a furnished spare room and bathroom are ours for about 1/2 the price we were paying in NH and it's set in a cozy suburban town home neighborhood. Shorty followed me down the coast taking a couple days to make it here in our Civic Hybrid, she's a trooper, I know, I tell her this daily. On a side note, our car has been to all 4 corner states of the USA in the past 4 months.

Through 4 appearances and 6 innings here in Dunedin I've given up 2 runs, 8 K's, 2 BB (including 1 int. bb) and am a work in progress on regaining the "Swag".

Time to head to the park.


Rob van Mil said...

Guess who you'll be playing in 10 days;)

MOI said...

Hey, time to reflect and work each game hard, so they HAVE to put you back up... lol

Keep the blog posts coming, we are enjoying them ... how about some pics!?