back in Dubs

I was called back up 4 days ago and arrived back here 3 days ago. My first appearance did not go as planned, but that's in the past.

I'm about to turn a new leaf with a little recent psychological shuffling I trust that everything is going to fit into place, and that my pitching will head in the "unhittable" direction (which is always desired, but now always shown.

Heading on the road for 3 games, I'll write more tomorrow.

Off to Reading, PA (Phillies AA)


Ronald said...

Keep going strong. Let me give you some advice that I learned the hard way pitching in the Northern League: 1. Review the scouting reports. 2. If a guy has had AAA experience, he has been shown to hit breaking balls. Go after him with fastballs. If a guy has come from single A for the most part of his career, he definitely can hit fastballs, go after him with breaking stuff. 3. I noticed the walks. If it is a mental thing, do this: During your off time, replay situations in your head. THink about breathing. Go over what to do in those times. That way when you are on the mound, you would have "previous" success. I used that when I played in the Mexican Minor Leagues. There were times I felt overwhelmed playing pro ball. I would feel like puking, but when I did the mental practice, things got easier. Try to be detailed when mentally practicing.

As for #2, this is the only advice I can give for your level. Once you move into AAA, then you are on your own.... I will be watching you in person when you get the call for the 51s - Las Vegas....

MOM said...

on the UP and UP NOW!

Enjoy the Fisher Cats... :o)

Anonymous said...

It was nice to meet you last night in Trenton...well at least for me to get your autograph and ask about the WBC. Anyway, it was cool to see you pitch again and I took a few pics. The closeup is on my facebook page (Jen Nevius)and the action shots I'll have up soon.