Life update, December 2010

Our first "family" picture...

Hello people.

I'm not going to apologize anymore for not remaining faithful to a daily or weekly blog routine, because, well, it's my damn blog and I can write when I want to.

Life's moving right along, I can't believe it's already the middle of freaking December. Where in the hell did November go?

Our (Shorty(wife) and I) November went something like this=
- Leon in Taiwan to finish baseball tournament (2nd in the ICC)
- Fly back to Holland for a day
- Fly to Oklahoma the next day
- Chill for a week with Shorty's family
- 40 hour drive in our trusty hybrid across the Rockies, Vancouver bound
- Claim a new dog, and love it to freakin' pieces
- Rekindle old friendships in Colorado
- Cross the border and officially make our car a Canadian
- Upon our return to Canada, freeze our asses off the first week
- Get back to work with pitching and hitting lessons
- Enjoy Canadian beer again
- Spend many hours and meals hanging out with my side of the family tree
- Hear some 'potentially' rediculously fantastic news from great friends
- December...

December = Similar to the last couple weeks of November =
- Lessons a few days a week to get by
- Planning for the new year
- Jam packing myself with 6 days a week of lessons for the new year
- Re-enrolling in University for Shorty, as well as working Softball lessons
- Drinking some more Canadian beer, maybe eggnog soon...

Life's going well. Basically right now we're trying to be there for our family member that need us, and raising a dog (who is freaking awesome by the way) to walk on a leash, interact well with other dogs and that's all going as well as we could hope. Time for a dog walk in the typical Vancouver winter weather, 8C and rain, weird (shaking head).

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